This site is a professional thesis project completed by Eileen Mignoni in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


To protect the identity of the subjects, names were changed in A Father’s Sacrifice and Living Between Borders.


Producer, Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Designer, Programmer, Infographic Artist, Journalist – Eileen Mignoni

Second Shooter, A Father’s Sacrifice - Nacho Corbella

Assistant Editor, A Father’s Sacrifice - Nacho Corbella

Copy Editor - Sara Peach

Translation – Nacho Corbella and Selket Guzman and Pelu Kaltwasser

Motion Graphics – Nacho Corbella


I owe a great many thank yous – more than will fit here. You all have shaped me into the multimedia journalist I am today.

Thank you to my thesis adviser, Pat Davison and to my committee members, Laura Ruel, and Mike Schmidt. I also thank Chris Carmichael for many hours of help; Alberto Cairo, for teaching me about graphics; Xaquín G.V., for help creating the map; Rich Beckman, for Patagonia and great advice; my mom, brothers, and sister ; my extended family, who opened their home to me; Selket Guzman, for her support and assistance with Spanish; and Sara Peach, for last-minute editing. Without Nacho Corbella my personal coach for more than a year, I could not have done the project. Finally, thank you to all those sources who shared their stories and many hours with me.